MySpace: Html Codes, the Basics on CSS

Some basic needed for Myspace Html Code is how to costumize the profile page by working on CSS. How to separate the visual display of a web site from the actual content of the site. And everybody that has a profile on Myspace has the ability to do this kind of designer job. You need access for the right tools and knowledge to do this, and for the rest of the article, I will assume that everybody has some basic knowledge on making a a good design.

Now here I provide the myspace html code that can be copied and pasted to your profile and costumize it, and visual what codes do on display.

That code would create something along the lines of the box below, without the border
Without the border, the above code would create something along the lines of the box below, that apply not just to a small area, but to the entire page

myspace html codes

Please look at the 1st line above, that every embedded stylesheet respectively must begin and ended by . and please notice the type="text/css", that actually not required, but it's good practise to use when you want to define the stylesheet information.
Some browser might decide that they should default to something else on CSS, but most will automatically default to CSS.

Now to the 2nd and 6th lines, let's begin and end a standard HTML comment.Why we comment out the stylesheet code? Because if a browser can't understand the HTML tag, it'll be ignored and continue rendering the text between the tag. And with the comment there, if an older browser views it's profile, your style information won't be rendered as text on the page.

That's some very basics for the myscpace html code , now we start to examining the actual code that we need to know to get CSS do what we want to.
First and foremost is on 3th line, show that we can alter the way that any HTML tag by using CSS, any HTML tag can be redefined visually. It means that every single HTML tag can be rewritten to display the way we want to, as long as we got the right CSS knowledge to make it happen.
Ok the next line shows that elements can be selected on a page by using it's ID attribute. And when using the ID, it can only be one ID at any given name per page.
So if we work by using the ID's, just make sure that what has an ID is unique within the page. But Myspace html codes doesn't allow #'s being posted into the profile so automatically means that ID's are out as far as costumization goes.

Myspace html code might decide to begin allowing users to target items by ID's so long as it doesn't affect the functionality of the page. And we let's take a look to 5th line where we could see how the class be defined and applied to the tag.
All classes must begin with decimal ( . ) so the browser could realize that it's a class and not a tag.
Unlike the ID's, we can multiple portions of page here that reference the same class.

Now we've know some background on CSS, and the difference between tags, Classes and ID's, let's see the stylesheet now and what's going on between CSS to do something.
All commands on CSS must end with semicolon ( ; ), at this example I only use 3 different style commands, and only two of them are very important.
Which are : “background: rgb();” and “color: rgb();“.
Most people will not really use the “height: 10px;” on their profile, so we won't talk about it.

I think it's time for me for coffee time.. I'll continue later for this myspace html code, the basics :)

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