To Download Any Song On MySpace

MySpace have feature that allows you to listen to a lot of songs on their webpage but only a few of them can be downloaded. Got any idea how to download your most music files from Myspace?

Try these following step to download your music files from Myspace :
Goto the MySpace site that you want to download the music from that have at least one song available for download.
Right-click the download link, select Copy Link and paste the link to your Notepad.

You might see something like this : bandprofile.downloadSong&bsid=FirstSongNumberHere&song_name=
Title of the First Song Here &fid=bandid

Now, right click the add link and select copy link, then paste it to your notepad.
You will see something like this :
asfunction:addSong,NewSongNumber^Title of the New Song Here

You can replace the first song number and it's title in the original URL, with the new number and it's title. Paste this URL link to your browser and click OK.
Wait several seconds, you will be prompted to download the song.

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