Pimp my Myspace Codes

You can change the appearance of your web page in several ways. You can alter the size, position (margins and padding), borders, background graphics, or even the color of the text. There are many tricks but the more detailed are beyond the scope of this article. If you are interested in learning more advanced techniques, follow this link.

We find it easiest to alter the appearance or presentation using "styles". Styles can be pre defined or inline or both. Inline styles will be used for this article.

HTML uses codes like TABLE to lay out a table (things that should be laid out using rows and columns), HR for a horizontal rule (a visual divider), SPAN to apply formatting to a segment of text, and P to define a paragraph. These are but a few of the html codes. You can browse the internet should you wish to learn more than are mentioned in this article.

Each code may have certain attributes that control it's appearance. A table may or may not have borders, text may be one size or another, or the horizontal rule may be a certain width or length. For a list of all attributes, a good resource can be found here [LINK]. Use this reference once you become comfortable and really want to pimp my myspace!

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