Background Music for Myspace Html Codes

By adding music as background on myspace html website, it could be slower the web page loading and large bandwtih needed for the web. But there are many different ways to add background music to Mayspace webpage, and with the right format, you don't have to worry about slow loading web pages.

MIDI Music Files
Actually MIDI files are actually use your sound card's built-in instruments to create the sounds, and that's why the file size is very small. But the problem for this MIDI files is most sound cards don't come with any decent sounds and no two sound cards sound alike.
Just for your web performance suggestion, using MIDI files for music background of your Myspace website will make your site seem amateurish. Anyway if you need to add it, here is the Myspace html codes to input MIDI files :

<embed src=midifiles.mid autostart=true>

Add it to your html line and replace the "midifiles" with the name of your MIDI file name.There is an Autostart command that will play the MIDI file automatically when the page is loaded.

WAV Music Files
WAV file format have many quality sounds level and easy to implemented to for your Myspace website. But the problem is even if you use a low quality setting like 11k/8bit, the file sizes are still very large and it will take a long time for your website to load the music.
To implement a WAV music file to Myspace html codes, put this line :

<embed src=wavfiles.wav autostart=true>

Replace "wavfiles" with your WAV file name. There's an additional command to loop the WAV file but WAV files do not loop cleanly with the embed command.

MP3 Music Files
MP3 files have great flexibility because the files are highly compressed and don't take very long to load. The problem for this MP3 files is they need an external player program, and don't loop cleanly.

Flash Music Files
By having Flash as the music files type for your Myspace website, you will have lots of flexibility in adding sound to your site. Flash can import WAV as well as MP3 Files and then creates quite small files from these sounds. This small Flash files will load automatically on your Myspace website.

By setting the quality sounds level of the flash, will let you choose the size of the music flash files.
Flash also have ability to to loop short pieces of sound to create very small files for 'continuous' background music. Please note that MP3 files do not loop cleanly as your Myspace background music, only imported WAV files are looped in Flash.

Pre-Made Music Flash Loops

This pre-built Flash Music Loops are professionally recorded, loop almost indefinitely with most of these Flash Music Loops are only about 20k in size so they instantly loaded.

To use pre-built Flash Music Loops is quite easy, just by upload your Flash Music Files to your webserver and add a few lines from the corresponding Myspace web html codes file to your web page.

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