Access Myspace Bypassing Firewall Using Proxy

How to access Myspace by proxy through your school’s firewall?
For simple method, here you can try to access MySpace that blocked by your school admin via firewall through Proxify, Anonymizer or try other proxy services by searching on Google

Does it work? Still hard to access Myspace at school? Try below :

1.Find and some webspace. Actually there are lots of free hosting out there or pay a few bucks, just find out where you can host a website through your internet service provider (most providers give you a bit of webspace free).

2.Install proxy servers

3. Remove all instances of the word Proxy - it is a “blacklist word” that is filtered by good firewalls

4. Test surf to MySpace through your new proxy server

5. Don’t expose this to all your friends, or you will got more trouble by your school principle.

Vtunnel also work quite well as a proxy for accessing myspace, even in your school.

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