Adding Pictures To Your Myspace Page

Before you want to add pictures to your Myspace site by modifying your
Myspace Html Codes, you need to understand that the picture or song must already
be uploaded somewhere on the internet. allows you to add pictures to your profile in the left hand column,
but if you want to add pictures to the main body of your page, you are going
to have to have to simply choose a picture that is already somewhere on the
internet (or upload them to a free hosting site)

To put a picture in the body tag, you will need to use the IMG HTML

Here is a sample image tag that will embed a picture in your myspace webpage:

You can add pictures to your profile from any site you find on the internet
simply by using the image url withing the IMG tag.

Let's say you wanted a picture of Angelina Jolie.You could do a Google image
search for "Angelina Jolie"

You might find this:

You will notice that that is a complete url to a JPG image that is already on
the internet.

So to add it to your myspace about me area, you might simply add some
html code like this:

My favourite hot celebrities<br><br>

<IMG SRC="">

This would embed the picture from the site into your myspace page.

Notice the <br> tags. Those stand for line break. Will add 1 line of space
between the text and the picture. You can use these anywhere you want spacing.

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