MySpace Adult Restrictions To Protect Teen User

Starting next week, MySpace, will make it harder for strangers to send messages to younger teenagers. is planning new restrictions on how adults may contact its younger users in response to growing concerns about the safety of teenagers who frequent the popular online social networking site.
In the shadow of a string of recent high-profile incidents involving teens and older users, the popular social networking site is planning to roll out a series of new rules that will restrict how some of those friends can interact.

The new plan is “MySpace users who are 18 or over could no longer request to be on a 14- or 15-year-old’s friends’ list unless they already know either the youth’s e-mail address or full name.”
Bascially, I can’t request my friend who is 15 years old age unless I know her email address or her real name. Older users sending a message asking to become friends with younger users will have to enter the recipients’ actual first and last names or their e-mail addresses, rather than simply their user names.

Any user will still be able to get a partial Myspace profile of younger users by searching for other attributes, such as display name. The difference is that currently, adults can then request to be added to a youth’s list to view the full profile; that option will disappear for adults registered as 18 and over.

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