Enjoy Myspace Without Adware

A malicious banner ad on MySpace.com has been downloading a Trojan horse on to unsuspecting site visitors, says Internet security company iDefense.They used a Windows security flaw to infect more than a million users with spyware when people merely browsed the sites with unpatched versions of Windows. Adware can be very difficult to remove, even for technically savvy users.
The advertisement, for a site called deckoutyourdeck.com, appeared in user profiles on MySpace, an online community with at least 70 million users, said Ken Dunham, director of the rapid response team at iDefense, which is owned by VeriSign.

Users who haven't been vigilant in downloading Microsoft's security updates would not have received a warning that the virus was downloading itself. The Trojan downloads malware, tracks internet usage and causes the infected computer to be flooded with pop-up ads.

As long as this nastiness is loose on the Net, there's not a good reason not to stay patched. Nothing Microsoft's buggy code is going to do to your machine would be worse than having your passwords or your identity stolen.
Turn on Windows Update, dang it, and leave it on!

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