Put Youtube Video On Myspace

Already know about Youtube? Yeah, it's a place for people to engage in new ways with video by sharing, commenting on, and viewing videos. And I know you are interested to put those video's on your Myspace Blog :)

It's very simple, just go to Youtube, choose your fav video and see the right column of "About This Video", you will find the text box named "Embed". That's where we started. Copy and paste the code on that embed box to your myspace new post editor and publish.

But you will find that there's a small code like this width="300" height="150" appeared on the top of the video's on your Myspace blog. Means you have to work on your pasted code before.
You must remove the code, something like, "<object width="300" height="150">" from the code before you paste it to your Myspace blog. It will remove the code words that appear at the top of the video.

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