Download Fox Movies on Myspace

Twentieth Century Fox will start to sell movies including "X-Men The Last Stand" and "The Omen;" and TV shows, such as episodes from "24" and "Prison Break for downloading from websites owned by parent News Corp, like Some analysts said it could be the first step toward creating a broader online video strategy.

Though the content will be available in an untraditional format, the price is anything but original. With a price tag of $1.99 dangling from a single TV episode, and $19.99 stamped on each movie, the difference other than convenience over a regular store purchase is negligible. The films and video can be played on devices supporting the Microsoft Windows Media platform and employ Microsoft's copy protection system.
Users can download them and play them on Microsoft Windows Media-compatible devices- so no iPod. Rosen said Fox hopes to be able to expand the service to the iPod and other platforms in the future.


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